In this section you can find answers on frequently asked questions from our clients and sitters.

What happens if I think my babysitter isn’t the right fit for our family?

Your satisfaction is our main priority. We provide a free consultation for each Family to find out exactly what qualities you’re looking for, so that we can find a Sitter who fits your Family’s needs. If, for some reason, you are unsatisfied with your Sitter, please do not hesitate to let us know. We will be more than happy to find you a new one.

Can I always have the same babysitter?

Since we understand the importance of routine in children’s lives, we make every effort to send the same babysitter each time. However, this isn’t always possible (due to scheduling challenges, unexpected illnesses, and emergency situations). There may be times when your regular babysitter is unavailable and with one quick phone call to us, we are already working on finding a replacement. Regardless of which babysitter comes to your home, rest assured that all of our babysitters meet our high level of standards, and will be notified of all of your children’s needs.



How can I pay? Can I pay in installments?

Payment can be made in person (through scheduled visits to your home), or through online banking. Please note that payments made in RSD will be calculated based on the EUR exchange rate of the Serbian National Bank on the day of the payment. Because our packages offer a fantastic way of saving both time (by only having to pay once) and money (by getting a better deal on your hours), paying in installments is not possible at this time.

Does my package have an expiration date?

Your package can be used whenever you like and will not expire. You can also gift hours from your Package to your friends or relatives!