One-time Babysitting

You may already have a regular babysitter, but she is unavailable for a special event. Whether it is during the day or in the evening, call us for even one-time requests. We will assign someone based on your preferences and on babysitter availability.

Frequent Babysitting

Looking for a babysitter at the same time each day, such as for a few hours after school? Let us know about your preferences, and we will make sure to reserve the same babysitter for you for regular visits.

All-Day Babysitting

Do you have to go to work, but your child is home sick from school? If you plan to use us for babysitting sessions of 8+ hours, we offer special daily rates.



Emergency Babysitting

Got called into the office at the last minute? Contact us with last-minute requests, and we will send a Sitter to you as soon as possible. Our record is just under 30 minutes!

Full-time Babysitting/Nanny Service

If you are looking to employ a babysitter on a Full-Time basis (6+ hours a day), we can help you out with the selection process – sifting through CVs, finding interested candidates, and setting up the interviews.

Sleepover Babysitting

Do you have a business trip you need to take, or would like to get away for a weekend with your partner? Our babysitters are available for 24/7 shifts – whether this be for a few days or a few weeks.



Travel Babysitting

Family “vacations” can sometimes be exhausting, especially with young children! Bring along a travel babysitter to look after your children and take the well-deserved vacation you need.


Do you have a birthday party, christening, or wedding coming up? Celebrate your special occasion by having our babysitters lead the children through fun games and songs!